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Our impact on children with special needs in China is one of our favorite things to share with you. You can see how significant this work is by what the families say, what the orphanages share, and the change we are seeing in these families and orphanages.

“LongLong’s best friends are the Hope Station staff. So every time they come visit him, he’s so happy! They even bring him a gift whenever they come, we’re really so grateful!”

Dad of LongLong, age 12, Cerebral Palsy

Read more about how LongLong’s life was impacted.

“Talking to the other parents and guardians [at Hope Station], I really think that everyone has hardships, and encounter so many challenges. I also got a lot of encouragement from them. Suddenly, I didn’t feel like life was all that difficult anymore!

Mama of HengHeng, age 4, Autism

“Last week the Hope Station therapist came to us again to guide us in doing therapy. They were very earnest in teaching us the movements and explaining it to me. We’re so thankful!”

Mama of XiaoHang, age 14, Cerebral Palsy

Read more about how XiaoHang’s life was impacted.

2021 Our Impact

Find out more about our impact throughout the years by viewing our annual reports:

Stories From the Orphanage


Jay’s adoption story gets us every time… {video included}

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When Hannah started receiving therapy, her entire life changed…

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