What We Do

HOPE STATION serves children who are orphaned in Asia by raising up champions  who are motivated by love and equipped to care for their unique needs.  Champions can come in many forms. Hope Station is raising up champions within local orphanages through our unique, people-centered programs.


Our Programs


One-on-One Volunteer Program: 

Most orphanages do not have enough caregivers on staff to provide the amount of attention that children deserve. Through Hope Station’s 1-on-1 Volunteer Program, over 50 children have been impacted for good. These children are growing up feeling loved, valued, and known.

Therapy Program: 

The majority of children in orphanages have special needs or develop special needs as they grow up in an orphanage. Many of them have no access to therapy. Through Hope Station’s Therapy Program, children receive therapy in many forms from professional therapists. Each victory brings them closer to a thriving, independent life.

Caregiver Training: 

Orphanages are crowded, and funds are limited. Many caregivers in these orphanages have never had professional training. Child to caregiver ratios are often as high as 40:1. Caregivers are overworked and lack support. Hope Station provides professional training and support to orphanage caregivers, so they can give their children the care they deserve.

Adoption Advocacy and Transition Support: 

Too many children in Asia are waiting to be adopted. Hope Station advocates for these waiting children and offers support to families in the adoption process. (We are NOT an adoption agency.) We are honored to have walked with some incredible forever families as they journeyed through adoption, both before and after their “Gotcha!” days.

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