Sponsorship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Sponsorship


Sponsoring a family with a special needs child is simple.

After you sign up, you will receive a welcome packet introducing you to your sponsored family. Your sponsored family will be notified and begin receiving services right away. Each month, the family will write a simple life update to let you know how they are doing and how your support is making a difference.


Family sponsors are invited to choose from two sponsorship levels. Both levels offer valuable support to vulnerable families.

Each sponsored family can have a maximum of 1 gold sponsor or 2 silver sponsors. This enables all of the families to access full support services.


Of course! Exchanging letters with your sponsored family helps them feel even more loved and supported. Instructions about how to communicate back and forth with your sponsored family will be included in your welcome packet. All correspondence is done electronically.

We’ll also notify you before the sponsored child’s birthday and any upcoming holidays, in case you would like to send a special message or send a special gift.

You are not required to write to your sponsored family. You will get monthly updates from them no matter what. However, we hope you will take this opportunity to encourage them!


Yes! Your monthly gift is assigned to cover support services specifically for your sponsored family. When a vulnerable family applies for sponsorship, our staff work with them to write a service plan that is uniquely designed to help their child and family. Hope Station uses the funds you send in each month to carry out that plan for your sponsored family.


Family sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. You decide how long you’re able to help.


Each sponsored family can have a maximum of 1 gold sponsor or 2 silver sponsors. This enables each family to access full support services. If you are one of two silver sponsors for your sponsored family, you will still get monthly updates from the family as usual, and you can send replies as often as you like.

JunJie's Family

I am 11 years old
I am a boy
My special need is Down Syndrome

About my family:
I live with my mom, dad, older brother, and grandma. I go to a special needs school, and I am already receiving therapy once a week. My mom is my biggest hero, and she loves me so much. It's hard for her to take care of me sometimes though, because many people do not accept me the way I am. I love dancing and listening to music. If I get a sponsor, I hope I can get a private dance teacher, and I hope my parents can get the emotional support they need!

I have no sponsors yet.

JiaWang's Family

I am 2 years old
I am a girl
My special need is Cerebral Palsy

About my family:
My parents live in the countryside, but I live with friends in the city because the altitude is too hard on my little body. I miss them a lot when we are not together. My oxygen was restricted when I was born, so that caused me to develop Cerebral Palsy and pneumonia. Now, even though I'm 2 years old, I can't sit and crawl yet. Since I live in a home with several other children, I don't get held a lot or spend much time out of my crib. I desperately need therapy and my caregivers need more support and education. If I get a sponsor, I will be able to get more therapy and medical attention every week. The sooner my health improves, the sooner I can be reunited with my mom and dad in the mountains!

I have no sponsors yet.

HengHeng's Family

I am 3 years old
I am a boy
My special need is Autism

About my family:
I live with my mom and dad and grandma. I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 2, and I started getting therapy immediately. But then my dad lost his job during the coronavirus, and my family had no way to pay for therapy anymore. My parents love me so much and are determined to help me learn and grow, but they feel very alone and they struggle to know what's best for me. If I get a sponsor, I hope I can start doing therapy again, and I hope my parents can get the educational and emotional support that they need in order to stay strong for me.

I have no sponsors yet.

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