Friends of Hope Station,


      Thank you for your appreciation of the work we are doing at Hope Station. 2019 has been an amazing journey… a new orphanage partnership, new staff, more adoptions… our Father is doing amazing things here, and we are serving more kids than we thought possible!


      Grace was abandoned at birth and found to be blind, due to an unusual milky layer covering her cornea. Now 11 months old, Grace has lived in the orphanage her entire life. Every day she lays in her crib with only the sounds of the room as stimulation. Sometimes she is left alone in the bedroom for hours on end as the overworked caregivers struggle to attend to each child’s needs.

      Fortunately, Grace is eligible for surgery on her eyes and it’s likely that a local family will want to adopt her after she can see. It’s also likely that her development will be severely delayed due to neglect. But you can make a difference for Grace.



      Your gift of $50 will give Grace and the other kids 1-on-1 time with trusted adults, access to toys and therapy, and support for their caregivers. With consistent quality time and the opportunity to get out of her crib and play, Grace has a chance at a bright future.


      “Yesterday we took out the floor mat and toys and let the kids play on the floor… they seem really happy when we do that!” The orphanage caregivers are learning that children need to be out of their beds and exploring the world…even Grace.



      Will you be part of this important work? Your donation of $50 will go directly towards getting these kids out of their beds so they can play and develop! The 2019 year-end goal is to raise $20,000 -- to pay for our growing staff, transportation, and supplies for our orphanage trips in 2020. Thanks to an anonymous donor, if you make a gift before December 31st, your gift will be matched! Double the donation, double the impact.


      Thank you for standing with these kids and cheering them on from afar. Your generosity will put them on track to a bright and hopeful future.





                     Rebekah Jo Kepha

                     Founder + Director





P.S. Kids like Grace need a champion like you. Your best gift to Hope Station received by December 31st will be doubled! That means more kids’ lives changed forever.



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