Can you imagine what it would feel like to say goodbye to your child because she was born with special needs?

It’s the middle of the night. You tuck your tiny daughter with Down Syndrome into her stroller with her favorite blanket. Walk slowly to a public park where she’s sure to be found by a kind stranger. Kiss her one last time and whisper, “I love you.” Choke back sobs as you struggle to walk away forever.

No parent should have to experience or even contemplate this horrible moment. And yet, this is the reality for so many parents of children with special needs in China.

You can help special needs families stay together by empowering the child’s family to raise a child with special needs.

A gift from you today can:

  • help financially struggling parents to get physical therapy for their son
  • give training and encouragement to a single dad whose wife left when their daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome
  • help a mom and dad whose baby is at risk of developing blindness to afford medical visits on a regular basis
  • connect a hopeless mother of a child with Autism to other special needs moms at our Family Activity Days
  • provide monthly home visits to a grandmother and her grandson who has Cerebral Palsy and can’t leave the house

Give before the end of this year and your gift will be matched up to $20,000 thanks to a few of our generous donors! Your gift can go even further this year to help children with special needs and their families in China.

Sponsor a family for just $40/month to help them keep their child and give them the consistent support they need.

Make a lasting change by sponsoring one of our staff members for just $20/month or more.

Your financial and personal information is safe with us:

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