Our Staff


Founder + Executive Director

Rebekah Wilder has had a passion from age 9 to help orphans in China. She grew up in Minnetonka, MN with her family of five. She has a degree in Intercultural Studies and Children and Family Studies. Rebekah is a certified Mental Health Practitioner and Behavioral Therapist and has worked with special needs children since 2008. Rebekah moved to China permanently in 2015. She met her husband, who is from India, soon after and they were married in 2018. They still live happily in China.

Read along as Rebekah blogs about her journey.

Email Rebekah at rebekah@hsorphans.org.


Cultural Liaison

Margarete is a native of Sichuan province. She likes eating spicy food, and lives in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan. Her major in college was Business English, and following graduation she worked as an English teacher. In 2011, she and her teaching team won the “Best Team Award” while participating in CCTV’s “Most Beautiful Rural Teachers” program. In 2013, she worked with special needs children for the first time as a member of Hidden Treasure Home in Fuzhou. In 2015, she interned at a children’s home called Ranch Ehrlo in Saskatchewan, Canada, for 8 months. She began working for Hope Station in 2018.

Read along as Margarete blogs in Chinese about her journey.

Email Margarete at hopestation716@qq.com.


Administrative Assistant

Marsha lives in Minnesota with her husband. They enjoy camping and biking together and love spending time with their family as often as possible. They have traveled to China two times to visit Rebekah and have had the privilege of spending time with the precious children at the orphanage both times. 

Marsha loves handling all the US side administrative tasks for Hope Station and sees it as a privilege to work alongside her daughter in her life dream.

Email Marsha at marshakwilder@gmail.com.

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