Who We Are

Who We Are

There are 469,000 orphans in China.  Orphanages are understaffed and underfunded, making it impossible for these children to receive the nourishment, attention, or care that they need to thrive.  Though they are making every effort to give their children everything they need, the resources just aren’t there.  The majority of the children have special needs that require medical attention, therapy, and specialized education. 

HOPE STATION serves children who are orphaned in Asia by raising up champions and caregivers who are motivated by love and equipped to care for their  unique needs. We partner with local organizations and people to provide real and lasting solutions for vulnerable children through caregiver training, support for child care centers, adoption advocacy and support, and raising community awareness. The children we serve will move from simply surviving towards thriving.

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Who are the Champions?

Hope Station strongly believes that each child deserves to have a loving, forever family of their own. Forever parents are the ultimate champion for a child, cherishing them and fighting for them no matter what life may bring. Unfortunately, many children live without parents for a very long time if not forever.  These children are just as deserving of having an adult to champion them.  For orphaned children, champions are their nannies, therapists, social workers, foster parents… anyone who makes the commitment to do whatever it takes to see that child thrive. 
Motivated by Love 

Love is the cornerstone of family. There is no comparison to the love a parent has for their child. That’s why we believe it’s so important that champions who stand in the gap should be motivated by the same kind of unconditional love. Knowing how to change diapers and bandage owies and discipline bad behavior and get a crying baby to sleep is not enough… it should all be done in love. When a child’s nanny, caregiver, therapist, or foster parent is motivated by love to care for him, he can live a thriving life no matter the obstacles.

Children with special needs are sometimes viewed as less-than-perfect, undesirable, or too needy.  It’s not a given that their caregivers will see their value. But we believe that every child is important and valuable and deserves to be loved. So we do our best to model that as we interact with children and their caregivers, and to create opportunities for them to see each child’s value.

Equipped to Care

Caring for orphaned children with special needs is a tough job. Helping them to move from surviving to thriving requires a very special skill set. Children who live their lives orphaned experience a lot more than their little hearts are meant to handle. Those with special needs have an especially difficult time surviving in a harsh environment with no one to fight their battles for them. Our vision is to see every child have a champion in their life who is uniquely equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to guide the child through healthy growth and development.

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