Who We Are

Our mission: to serve children who are orphaned or vulnerable in Asia by raising up champions and caregivers who are motivated by love and equipped to care for their unique needs.

What is a CHAMPION?

A champion is any adult who will do whatever it takes to see that child thrive. Champions are caregivers, parents, teachers, volunteers, therapists.

Forever parents are the ultimate champion for any child. But unfortunately, many children (and especially those with special needs) will never know the love of a mom or dad.

Hope Station stands in the gap for these children. Raising up champions for each one.


Children with special needs are sometimes viewed as undesirable.  It’s not a given that their caregivers will see their value and be moved to love them well.

Caring for children with special needs can also be really tough. It requires a very unique skill set and lots of perseverance.

This is why we strive to raise up champions that are both motivated by love and equipped to care for children. One is not enough without the other.

Hope Station serves children in 5 unique ways:

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