2014-10-09_1403    Miles.


Birthday: 10/13/2005
Special needs: eye deformity, possible autism or developmental delay


This is Miles! This precious boy has a very calm personality, and tends to stay very quiet. Based on our several interactions with him over the past couple years, we suspect that he has autism or some other form of developmental delay. He doesn’t interact much with the other kids, and tends to keep to himself. But when we do intentionally play with him, he responds positively. We’ve learned a few of his unique traits by now: he loves to be tickled! Despite the fact that he is usually calm and quiet, he busts out the cutest laugh when he is being tickled! He also is drawn toward visual stimulation, such as flipping pieces of paper or plastic close to his eyes. He also likes other people’s eyes, so often times when you are tickling him he will put his face very close to yours so he can gaze into your eyes. It’s quite adorable. He is easy going, and a very positive little boy.

Miles needs a family that loves and cares for him. Right now he is living in the orphanage where he is just not getting the attention and therapy opportunities that he so desperately needs. Perhaps your family is the one that Miles has been waiting for! If you, or someone you know, would like to become Miles’ forever family, please email Sara: .


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