10330265_704213702947511_7182556538709902971_n    EZRA.


Birthday: 11/01/2007
Special needs: corrected cleft lip and palate

This is Ezra! This goofy little guy has had a rough story so far…
As a five-year-old Ezra was terrified to go to school each day. He was constantly made fun of for his bigger head and wide-set eyes.  To make matters worse, he had no parents to take his side and fight for him, no siblings or friends to stand up for him and encourage him to ignore the insults. Eventually it became too much and he stopped going to school.  He spent his days at the orphanage, rather than at school where he could be learning and growing. Instead of having experiences that stretched him mentally and socially, he spent all his time at the orphanage with younger children. Instead of learning from positive role models like teachers, he was one of 20 children being cared for by one nanny… all because he looked a little different.



Eventually, Ezra got the chance to try again.  And it was a success. Ezra now attends school all year round, with some of his “brothers and sisters” from the orphanage.  He loves people and to be where all the action is happening. Ezra is a very sensitive and loving boy who lights up when you smile at him. He is one of the younger ones at the orphanage, so unfortunately he often gets the shorter end of the stick when it comes to activities, snacks or games.  Whenever we visit the orphanage, we know that Ezra loves coloring books and balloon animals more than anything, so we make sure he gets some of his own.  Sometimes we will find him still coloring an hour later at the same table where we started. Ezra also loves having his picture taken, and looking at them on the camera screen afterwards (selfies!). He usually makes fun of his own silly faces, or ours.  In an effort to be part of all the action, we often see him following around the older kids and copying whatever they do. He has a heart to please, and a really loving personality.  Ezra needs a family that loves and cares for him. Right now he is living in the orphanage where he is just not getting the education and therapy opportunities that he so desperately needs. Perhaps your family is the one that Ezra has been waiting for!

If you, or someone you know, would like to become Ezra’s forever family, please email Sara: sara@hsorphans.org.


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