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All About Hope Station

There are 469,000 orphans in China.  Orphanages are understaffed and underfunded, making it impossible for these children to receive the nourishment, attention, or care that they need to thrive.  Though they are making every effort to give their children everything they need, the resources just aren’t there.  The majority of the children have special needs that require medical attention, therapy, and specialized education. 

HOPE STATION creates opportunities for orphaned children in Sichuan, China to experience family. We partner with local orphanages and adoption agencies to both advocate for the adoption of orphans into forever families, and to provide holistic care services for those still living in institutions. Through adoption advocacy and preparation, therapy, consistent loving care, and a family-oriented context, we believe the children we serve will grow up to be thriving members of their communities and families.

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Our Goals

Reduce the number of institutionalized children in China. 

Hope Station strongly believes that each child deserves to have a loving, forever family of their own. To this end, we advocate as much as we can for the adoption of these children into forever families both locally and internationally.  While Hope Station is not an official adoption agency, and we do not play any part in the legal process, we do have the opportunity to share these children’s stories with the world. Seeing a family find their child and a child united with their family is one of our favorite things.

Improve the quality of care for orphans in China by treating the “whole” child. 
Family is everything to a child, and family is what Hope Station is about. Whether it’s a hug in a tough moment, specialized education, or helping a child learn how to share with a friend, we want to fill in as many gaps as we can for children who have no families. In any given season, Hope Station is equipped to provide therapy and activities for children, training for caregivers, adoption advocacy and preparation, and consistent loving adults in each child’s life.

Create awareness in Chinese orphanages and communities about the cause, state, and needs of China’s orphans.

Hope Station whole heartedly believes in local involvement. We partner with local organizations and orphanages to accomplish our goals and impact the lives of children. We hope that through these partnerships the cause of the orphan and special needs will become known throughout the local community, and the community will rise to care for their own.

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